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Price: $1,499.99
Available March 2012


The zipp rims are one of the finest wheels on the elite speeding circuit nowadays due to it’s advanced explore and technological innovation. Most of the positive aspects of the zipp wheels are as follows:

Golfing round balls are dimpled and doing so has been observed to possess a positive effect for the span traveled when the golf ball is hit. Undimpled balls possess a reduced span traveled than dimpled balls. From the above instance, Zipp has patented similar technological innovation on its carbon wheels. These folks have observed through their air tunnel testing that the dimples on their carbon wheels increase the aerodynamic effectiveness of the wheel and decreases friction as the wheel moves.

The form of the zipp wheels are unconventional and dramatically different from normal carbon wheels. Regular carbon speeding wheels are V-shaped to increase their aero profile. This is the place the zipp 404 and various members of the zipp family are different. These rims possess a bigger profile at the area where the other rims are pointed. Testing from wind tunnel and practical riding have observed the the bigger end area in fact make the rim to go rapidly than the regular V-shaped wheels.

Another benefit for the zipp wheels is the placement of the spokes. Zipp positions their spokes on the outside of the rim which tends to make it seriously convenient to play with the nipples and make the wheel true. Other elite wheels are designed using the spokes positioned inside the wheel where any adjustment is more work.

For competitions purposes, riders will seriously value a light-weight wheel using excellent stability in any crosswinds. For the zipp wheel, in particular the firecrest, it is observed that the wheel kept their stability intact during crosswinds with varying strengths. Zipp engineered their wheels to keep the main part of pressure on the hubs so alleviating stress on the wheels.

These are some of the positive aspects of the zipp wheels and we hope that zipp keeps researching and developing their wheels. It can only move us to go rapidly using less effort.