Range Rover Debuts Evoque Carbon Road Bike

Range Rover Debuts Evoque Carbon Road Bike

Range Rover isn’t the first automotive company to introduce a branded bike…heck, we still see those GMC and Jeep numbers popping up in the online classifieds with alarming frequency…but it’s definitely one of the higher end offerings.

It claims to have a frame designed with F1 engineering, but we’re guessing some astute reader will chime in with the factory that makes the frame (seriously, you guys are pretty good at calling them out). Regardless, it’s spec’d well, which isn’t too surprising considering the Range Rover pedigree and that their designer is himself a cyclist:

“I wanted to create the ultimate accessory for the Range Rover Evoque – and what could be more perfect than an utterly contemporary, beautifully designed, bespoke Evoque bike. Like the Range Rover Evoque, the bike not only looks fantastic but is precision engineered for ultimate performance,” said Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director. Via Automotive Evolution. The motorized RR Evoque, in case you’re wondering what this bike is an accessory for, is a hot hatch version of its larger brothers.



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