Volkswagen just unveiled a new car at the Qatar Motor Show that gets an astounding 100km for less than a lieter of diesel fuel – that’s the equivalent of 313 miles per gallon! The green car is an upgraded version of the VW L1 vehicle and it features an ultra-efficient diesel engine in addition to an electric motor that is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

The concept car’s two-cylinder diesel engine is capable of working in two modes: eco and sport. While in the eco mode, the car’s engine will run at 27 hp/4,000 rpm, however in the sport mode this figure increases to 39 hp. While in this mode, the car will be able to reach a top speed of about 160 km/h, or 99 miles per hour.

The VW is made from carbon fibre-reinforced plastics, which saves on metal and makes the car incredibly light, aiding its reduced fuel consumption. Fully fueled, the VW weighs only 380kg (838 pounds).


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