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Registration deadline
Early Bird: 3 December 2010
Regular: 21 January 2011
Latecomer: 9 February 2011

(post, courier, etc.): 31 January – 11 February 2011
Self-assembly: 24 – 28 January 2011
Product category 15 (automobiles, buses, motorbikes, etc.): 24 February 2010, 8.00 a.m.


February 2011
Information about the adjudication results: at the beginning of March 2011

(post, courier, etc.): 14 – 18 March 2011
Self-assembly: 7 – 11 March 2011
Product category 14 (automobiles, buses, motorbikes, etc.): 24 February 2011, from 5.00 p.m.

Award ceremony:
4 July 2011

What’s new this year 2011?

Multiple category entries
This year, it will for the first time be possible to register your product for two different product categories. Please note that registering a product for an additional category is regarded as an independent entry, and thus has to be separately registered and submitted to the competition (for further details see the general terms and conditions).

“Architecture and Interior Design” product category split into two categories
This year, the former “Architecture and Interior Design” category is split into the two categories “Interior Design” (category 10) and “Architecture and Urban Design” (category 11) in order to ensure an even more precise differentiation of the expertise.

Registration fees

Early bird: 200 euros (registration by 3 December 2010)
Regular: 220 euros (registration by 21 January 2011)
Latecomers: 240 euros (registration by 9 February 2011)

The registration fees include the logistic processing as well as the basic presentation of the products submitted for judging. The products will only be judged on location. We charge an additional non-recurring fee for excess sizes:

Fees for excess sizes
Large (from 1m³): 50 euros
XLarge (from 2m³): 100 euros
XXLarge (from 4m³): 150 euros

In the case of very large products (XXLarge), please send a plan with details of the planned presentation of your entry to our logistic department at logistics(at) so we can authorise the space needed.

Additional exhibits
If your registration includes additional exhibits, we will charge 50 euros for each additional exhibit.
This rule does not apply to series consisting of small pieces (for example crockery, cutlery, etc.).
If you submit images to supplement your product, we will charge a one-off lump sum of 50 euros.


1 Living rooms and bedrooms
Furniture, furniture accessories, stoves, materials, carpets, floorings, wallpaper, decorations and accessories

2 Households and kitchens
Domestic appliances, washing machines, drier, vacuum cleaners, iron systems, kitchen furniture, kitchen equipment, heaters and hobs, microwaves, extractor hoods, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, kitchen utensils and accessories, cooking implements, coffee machines, professional kitchens

3 Tableware
Porcelain, cookware and dinnerware, table decoration, table textiles, glass, ceramics, cutlery, accessories

4 Bathrooms, spa and air-conditioning
Bathroom furnishings, bathroom accessories, sanitary installations, heating and air-conditioning technology, saunas, solaria, massage equipment

5 Lighting and lamps
Indoor and outdoor lighting, lighting systems and installations, lighting engineering and work lighting

6 Gardens
Garden and outdoor furniture, lounge furniture, garden architecture, landscaping, garden equipment and tools, garden lamps, tents, camping, grills and barbecue, florists and decorations, equipment

7 Leisure, outdoor and sport
Sports, sportswear, sports equipment and shoes, trendsports, water sports, winter sports, fitness equipment, bicycles and biking accessories, outdoor functional clothing, outdoor accessories, spyglasses, penknives, perambulators, games, toys, funware and giftware, musical instruments

8 Fashion and accessories
Fashion, leather goods, footwear, glasses, hats, suitcases, bags, flacons, umbrellas, accessories

10 Interior design
Interior furnishing, pattern, sales displays, building technology, building components, switches, timers, security technology, windows, doors, orientation systems and signage, object furniture, micro architecture, exhibition design and stands, shop equipment and stands, shop systems, shop design

11 Architecture and urban design
Architecture, public design, urban planning, urban and landscape planning, property, office structures, residential buildings, garden and park architecture, hotels, restaurants, lounges, bars, clubs, shops, cultural and public amenities, playgrounds, museums, libraries, temporary architecture, events

12 Offices

Office furniture, furniture for reception halls and waiting rooms, office equipment, accessories

15 Automobiles, transportation, commercial and water vehicles
Automobiles and automotive accessories, automobile technology, car entertainment, navigation equipment, motorbikes, caravans, construction, utility and commercial vehicles, fork-lift trucks, buses, railway carriages, sports vehicles, sailing and motor boats, yachts, ships, ski-doos, aircraft, interior and exterior design, accessories and components
Office furniture, furniture for reception halls and waiting rooms, office equipment, accessories

Delivery and recovery

Unlike other design competitions, the red dot design award is judged on the product. This is a huge logistic feat, as all products registered are judged on location. In the past year alone, far in excess of 4,000 products were presented in purpose-leased halls for the judging phase. There they are inspected and tested by the jury teams.


Self-assembly*: 24 – 28 January 2011
Post, courier, etc.: 31 January – 11 February 2011
Product category 15 (automobiles, buses, motorbikes, etc.): 24 February 2010, 8.00 a.m.

Dates for product pickup

Self-assembly*: 7 – 11 March 2011
Recovery (post, courier, etc.): 14 – 18 March 2011
Recovery for category 15 (automobiles, busses, motorbikes etc.):
24 February 2011, from 5 p.m.

*Products which have to be assembled in-house.

Product pickup will only be accepted on workdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Please make sure that you make the appropriate arrangements.

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