Disk Brakes Review the Hope M4 Hydraulic


Cable Disk Brakes
The main reason for the existence of cable disk brakes is that they don’t need a special lever. Manufacturers have designed them to work with the cable pull found on V-brake levers so they’re cheaper. They’re not simpler or more reliable though. Most require meticulous set-up and frequent cable maintenance in wet weather to equal an average hydraulic disk.
Cable Disk Advantages:
*Half the price and much of the performance of hydraulic disks.
*You can keep your existing V-brake lever (hence the lower price).
*No fiddly bleeding.
Cable Disk Disadvantages
*Suffer from cable contamination and drag resulting in poor performance.
*Rear disk has the worst cable problem due to longer cable length (but the rear brake doesn’t need super high power anyway).
*Oil or grease on disks/calliper can cause a drastic loss of power, after which the pads must be replaced.

Hope M4
The latest and best from Hope Technology. Combining the Enduro’s lightened calliper with the Mini lever, giving a lighter brake than the Enduro with more power than the Mini. With an all up weight of 460g these should be for all but the skinniest light-weight freaks. If a disk brake gets sales on looks alone then Hope are on to a winner here. The calliper is sculptural art and is exceeded in the techno-beauty stakes only by the lever which is the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing ever designed. Out on the trail the M4s were powerful almost from the start. A short break-in period on a wet/snowy epic in the Peaks had them broken in and producing full power in no time. They do squeal with the stock organic pads from time to time in the wet, but not at a level approaching that of V brakes. Mud on the disks can also get you a gritty scraping sound as you ride along. The levers have a small brass cam which allows you to the lever ‘bite point’ with a 2mm Allen key. This is despite what it says about lack of lever adjustment on open systems in the March copy of MBR.


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